I had a lot of fun on this photo shoot in Bannack! I love using natural light, and reflectors are incredibly powerful. The photo of Elsa the Cowgirl was taken in the saloon using flash. The photos of Megan in her wedding dress all used a reflector; all other images were taken with natural light. On each image, I used brushes on the skin and for highlights, and then adjusted saturations and lighting, etc. The Indian Princess required no editing.

Some originals can be found here:

BenPingel_Bannack_Portraits_ORIGINAL-9 BenPingel_Bannack_Portraits_ORIGINAL-2 BenPingel_Bannack_Portraits_ORIGINAL-5 BenPingel_Bannack_Portraits_ORIGINAL-11 BenPingel_Bannack_Portraits_ORIGINAL-7 BenPingel_Bannack_Portraits_ORIGINAL-6 BenPingel_Bannack_Portraits_ORIGINAL-3 BenPingel_Bannack_Portraits_ORIGINAL-1

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