Ben Pingel: Professor, Graphic & Web Designer, Photographer, Videographer, and everything else

Hello. I am a Visual Communication instructor, a graphic & web designer, photographer & videographer, and anything else you need me to be.

There are several things I’m passionate about- like teaching. Graphic design. Good communication. Photography. My family. Music. Racquetball. And lasagna.

I have found my calling in the classroom- the sense of purpose I find there is overwhelming. I love working with my students. I have had some awesome work experiences, and I have much to share with my students.

I also love to work with small businesses and help meet their marketing needs. Websites, photos, videos, or whatever else needs to be designed up- I love doing it all. I understand that small business owners have a lot going on already; my goal is to take care of things from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Don't be shy- get in touch.

Let's work together on your next awesome project. We can do some great stuff together.

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