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I’m a web and graphic designer.
I’m a visual communication professor.
I’m a BYU-Idaho and Gonzaga graduate.
I’m a husband and dad.

And I love what I do.

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I’m passionate about great design. I love looking at it, and I love creating it. These are some of my favorite things I’ve done lately.


I’m a sucker for good looking web pages. When you get a great design that serves well the function of that page, we strike gold. These are a few of my favorite pages I’ve done up.


I got hooked when I was working on my BA in Communication, and I love good photography. These are a few of my favorite pieces.


I have been teaching various graphic design courses for five years now. I’ve found my calling in the classroom. Check out some of my students’ work!


This, my friends, is play time. I love making videos- I just need more time to do it! Check out a few of my favorite projects.


This is really just a extra spot that I needed to create balance on the page. 🙂

Recent Work

Check out some of the things I’ve been doing.

Kennedy for Senate Campaign Site

Kennedy for Senate Campaign Site

Project Name: Kennedy for Senate Campaign Site Client Location: Utah Date: March 2018 Scope: This project involved creating an all-new site for a senate campaign. This included a custom design that would be easy to navigate, along with enhanced security,...

Delaware Family Pictures

Delaware Family Pictures

Project Name: Family Pictures Client Location: Camden, Delaware Date: February 2018 Scope: Some days, you say it's time for new family pictures. After all, it has only been a year and a half since the last family picture. So you get home from work, get out...

Website: Dept of Multimedia Communication

Website: Dept of Multimedia Communication

Project Name: Department of Multimedia Communication Client Location: Dover, Delaware Date: March 2017 Scope: This was a component of an overall department rebranding, where we were bringing all of our marketing materials into a more modern design. I...

Department Brochure

Department Brochure

Project Name: Department Brochure Client Location: Dover, Delaware Date: February 2017 Scope: I designed this brochure for our department to use in recruiting. Previously they had used a flier, but we wanted something easier to go through and in a more...

Yosemite National Park Personal Design Project

Yosemite National Park Personal Design Project

Project Name: National Park Personal Graphic Design Project Client Location: Dover, Delaware Date: February 2018 Scope: I had assigned my students to create a flier for a national park of their choice, and wanted to join them on the project. I loved...

Family Reunion Logo Design

Family Reunion Logo Design

Project Name: Peterson Reunion Logo Client Location: Post Falls, Idaho Date: May 2017 Scope: This was a fun design that was put on a family reunion t-shirt. They were visiting the Oregon coast, so I wanted to bring in the waves and iconic cliffs and...

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