Picture Perfect: 9/24/14, 8:30 am; Rexburg, Idaho; 1/64 sec;   f/5.0;   ISO 2000; Canon Rebel T3i



Picture Perfect: 9/24/14, 8:30 am; Rexburg, Idaho; 1/64 sec;   f/5.0;   ISO 3200; Canon Rebel T3i


These were some fun images to cut out! I used the quick select tool to select my daughter & frame, and then used the refine edge tool with feather and softening turned up in order to get this right. For the background on the partial image, I actually selected the background, copied the layer, and then hid the original layer. The cutout was on its own layer as well and over the new background. I followed a similar process for the full cutout, although I added a drop shadow (I like them subtle) and softened the edges further.

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