These are some of my favorite photos I took while on a photo excursion in early October. Here are the edits I made:

  • For Water on a Rose, I worked with the levels and brightness. These layers were partially masked out to bring out the water drops and edges of the rose.
  • For Teton Mountains, I first turned down the levels and masked out the foreground- this helped give the mountains contrast and bring them into view. I then added a slight vignette by color filling a layer, making a selection with a feather, and then deleted the center. This layer was also set to soft light blending mode at 85% opacity. I then pulled in an unsharpen filter. My goal here was to bring the mountains into focus, but I gasped when it brought the tetons into such a deep focus instead. I masked out that filter in certain areas to reduce focus on them (particularly the houses, etc at the base of the mountain.
  • On Dinner Time and Teton Reflection, I used the dodge and burn tools. I did not add any adjustment layers, but instead worked just with the dodge & burn tools. I did this nondestructively by Alt-clicking a new layer, setting it to overlay with 50% opacity, and then dodging and burning on that layer. For dinner time, I highlighted the food and darkened shadows. On the Teton Reflection, I highlighted the foreground and then added somewhat of a vignette to give the sky depth. This also carried around the lake.


BenPingel Tetons-original BenPingel_Original1 BenPingel-Rose-Unedited Ben-Pingel-Tetons-&-River-Unedited

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