Framed Fine Art




There are a few things in my photography life that just melt my butter, and old fencing is one of them. Sunflares are too. So, when I got both in one shot, I went home happy.

This image was taken in Victor, Idaho. What a beautiful morning it was too! The sun came up and just painted the hillside with beautiful light and colors. I ran around to a few different locations getting the sunrise- and then I found a fence and it was all over for me.

My great, great grandfather actually helped settle the Victor area way back when- so that whole valley has a great deal of meaning to me. I loved being out in nature early in the morning, put some soft music on with my bluetooth earmuffs, and had some fun. I shot this with my Canon Rebel T3i on October 9, 2014 just after sunrise at 8 am. I used f/8.0 and 1/160, with an ISO of 100. To prepare for print, I did some HDR modifications and lightening. The fence was also very blue, so I spent some time desaturating it and helping it turn back to a brown for large format print. I mostly just worked with levels, saturation, and some sharpening, and then printed at 20×30. I picked up an old barnwood frame that just set it off perfectly, and got some glass done up.

The best part? After picking up my finished image with the frame and glass, I took it home for the weekend. As I got it out of the car, my wife saw it and stopped midsentence. Suddenly I heard, “OH MY WORD!”

Nailed it.


Introducing my framed fine art. 🙂 from Ben Pingel on Vimeo.

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