There is so much that you can do with bracketed and HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) photos. Some are more realistic, some are more a work of art; both have their place and do their job in telling the story, creating a mood, and letting us see the world in a different way. The Old Hotel image was modified with HDR alone; the other images were bracketed. The originals are here below:

BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-1 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-2 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-3 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-4 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-5 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-6 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-7 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-8 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-9 BenPingel_Bannack_HDRs_ORIGINAL-10

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