I had a lot of fun working with panoramas. Morning Light is a combination of 3 images, and I manually masked them together. Bannack Ghost Town was done using Photoshop’s “photomerge” function, which makes it nice and easy. For both, I bounced around through Lightroom and Photoshop for editing. For Morning Light, I worked with saturation, levels, clarity, dodge, burn, content aware fill, and who knows what else. For Bannack Ghost Town, I worked with levels, sharpness, and a few other secrets.. I also worked with desaturation, which is one of my favorite effects. I love it when it’s subtle- just enough to give it a little bit of an older feel, but not much.


BenPingel_Panorama_Original-1 BenPingel_Panorama_Original-2 BenPingel_Panorama_Original-3BenPingel_Panorama_Original-4BenPingel_Panorama_Original-5

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