Physical Therapy Brochure

Project Name: Grand Opening Brochure for Rupp Physical Therapy
Client Location: Saint Anthony, Idaho
Date: April 2021

Scope: Opening a new location is an exciting process! Using the branding and website I recently created for Rupp Physical Therapy, I created this brochure to be used for their grand opening. Not only did designing the brochure help further establish the branding, it was also a chance to focus on marketing messages. Being a small business, they provided information about their key messages; I then used the information to write the text and develop a theme that would appeal to new clients.

Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator


Note from the Designer

This was a quick turnaround kind of project. Nothing like a deadline in a couple of hours to force you to quickly get the creative juices flowing! Despite the rapid timeline of this project, I love the way it turned out and the style of it all.

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