I absolutely love what you can do with a reflector! It allows me to shoot in the middle of the day, to control my lighting better, and I don’t have to keep recharging batteries or carry lighting gear. Powerful.

With Zoe, I used the gold reflector and a diffuser. Light edits included a vignette and bringing back the washed out background. The first image of Megan is my favorite; yes, I put it on my portrait post- only because it’s too good of a portrait, and it was an extra picture on that post. I love this image for what it shows a reflector can do; we had a black-out to block the light through the trees, and then a white & gold reflector bouncing light on her from the other side. Magic!! On the second image of Megan, we used a diffuser and a white reflector to bounce light back up. With Michael, we see the lighting before and after- and all we did was use a diffuser for him.

I discovered that I like to use a diffuser on pretty much everything, but I also like to use another reflector alongside it. I love the way it lights up a face and we can see so much better.

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