1. Project overview: I wanted to create a poster encouraging students to vote. I used a series of shapes and text in Adobe Illustrator to create a more edgy feel. There are also a series of overlays and transparencies to give different effects.
  2. Message/Audience: My goal here is to inspire college students to vote. While aimed at the general American public, I envision this appealing particularly to younger audiences, which is reflected in things like the shapes and my grunge font choice.
  3. Things I Learned: I really got down and dirty with shapes and layers in Illustrator with this one. Having the transparency played things out differently too so I learned how to work with all the layers together.
  4. Fonts: Main: Playfair Display. Secondary: 28 Days Later
  5. Sketch: This is a picture of the original sketches I worked with
  6. sketch
  7. Images Used (and links): None


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