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I started out as a graphic designer, but soon found I needed to also call myself a web designer. I have had experience both designing the web page mockups, and developing WordPress sites.

Some recent work:


FlexScoop Website

Project Name: FlexScoop Website Client Location: Orem, Utah Date:  Scope: With tight timelines, I had to move quickly to get this website up and running. Step one was creating a logo; I wanted something simple but powerful, with a modern edge to it. This...

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Murray Low City Council Website

Project Name: Murray Low City Council Campaign Site Client Location: Orem, Utah Date: August 2017 Scope: We had two goals with this site: make it look awesome, and do it quickly! This site was turned around within 48 hours, and turned out awesome. We...

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David Spencer Political Campaign Website

Project Name: David Spencer Political Campaign Website Client Location: Orem, Utah Date: June 2017 Scope: For this project I focused on maintaining unique design elements in other marketing materials, and bringing them over into the site. I used quite a...

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Rocky Mountain Wrecker Site Redesign

Project Name: Rocky Mountain Wrecker Site Redesign Client Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Date: April 2017 Scope: The goal of this redesign was to update the site look while implementing enhanced shopping features. We integrated the Shopify platform, and...

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World Family News Website Redesign

Project Name: World Family News Website Redesign Client Location: Arizona Date: July 2017 Scope: When I was contacted to work on this site, it was infected with malware and being blocked by Google. I first removed all malware from the site, reinstituted it...

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My Caboodle Events

Project Name: My Caboodle Events Client Location: Post Falls, Idaho Date: September 2016 Scope: This was site design for a new events management company. Our focus was to quickly get information across while blending a professional and fun feel throughout...

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Straight Line Yard Care

Project Name: Straight Line Yard  Care Client Location: Rexburg, Idaho Date: April 2016 Scope: The objective here was to create a new website for a client who previously had none. The style they wanted was modern, and we wanted to create a very easy to navigate...

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Omnia Health Services

Project Name: Omnia Health Services Website Client Location: Post Falls, Idaho Date: February 2016 Scope: Omnia is a new company that needed a website, so I was glad when they contacted me to get this together for them. We wanted to focus on simplicity and showing...

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Manual Solutions PT Web Page

Project Name: Manual Solutions Physical Therapy Client Location: Idaho Falls, ID Date: September 2015 Scope: This was a complete website development project. After heavily revamping the site structure, I built this website on WordPress. I also did on-site photography...

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Family Good Things

Project Name: Family: Good Things Client Location: Rexburg Date: April 2015 to present Scope: This was a complete website development project. I built this site using WordPress, and designed the site logo. Today the blog has a reach of over 7,000 each week and...

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BYU-Idaho Online Learning

Project Name: BYU-Idaho Online Learning Website Client Location: Rexburg, ID Date: February-March 2014 Scope: This was a huge site re-design project, and involved many custom-designed pages. We rewrote all content and restructured the site. I developed the color...

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Fidelis Communication Web Page

Project Name: Fidelis Communication Web Page Client Location: Seattle, WA Date: October 2013 Scope: This was a complete site redesign. I created a home page, as well as a template for sub-pages and contact. Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop   Interested...

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Paragon Wealth Web Page

Project Name: Paragon Wealth Website Client Location: Provo, UT Date: August-September 2013 Scope: This was a large site re-design project. Paragon wanted to simplify their complicated site, so we focused each page on clean & simple designs. Programs Used: Adobe...

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Golf De Rigenee

Project Name:Golf de Rigenee Client Location:Belgium Date: September 2013 Scope: This was a simple site redesign project, including a home and sub-page template. We began by choosing a flat color & font scheme. This design is one of my favorites to date. Programs...

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Basso Construction Web Page

Project Name: Basso Construction Website Client Location: Post Falls, ID Date: Summer 2013 Scope: Basso Construction had no previous website, so I developed and maintain a site for them. I also designed an array of marketing materials that complement the website....

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Plane Truth Golf

Project Name: Plane Truth Golf Website Client Location: Chicago, Illinois Date: May-July 2013 Scope: This was a complete site redesign. There were many sub-pages that were custom designed. Most sub pages were content- heavy and challenging to present, although we came...

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GLF World

Project Name: GLF World Client Location: London Date: January – July 2013 Scope: This was a huge site design project, and involved over 100 custom-designed pages. These are the back end pages for a golf instruction company. Programs Used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop...

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